The Benefits Of Having Short Term Car Insurance

There are times when it is more cost effective to obtain car insurance for a short term. Many insurance companies will offer competitive quotes to those who meet their qualifying criteria and offer cover from a little as 1 day, 24hrs or 28 days, whilst other insurers will offer longer periods of time which do not constitute as full annual cover, such as three or six months cover.

The benefits of short term cover include:

* Insuring a friends or relatives vehicle short term whilst yours is being repaired may be more cost effective than hiring a car.

* The ability to insure more than one driver such as a friend or relative or even a prospective buyer who wants to test drive before making a commitment to purchase.

* Short term policies are available for cars and vans which afford you the additional benefit of being able to drive another vehicle without risking your existing no claims discounts.

* Some insurance companies offer short term certificate of insurance to enable people to obtain tax for their vehicle, subject to DVLA and Post Office acceptance. However, there are not many insurers who allow this, therefore if this is the reason you are applying for short term cover you should seek advice from the insurers.

* As it is possible to obtain short term cover almost immediately, either online or over the phone. This is the ideal insurance solution which will enable you to drive a new car from the showroom to your home, before searching for the most competitive offers.

* The ability to use this type of policy if you want to take either new or used cars for a test drive.

* The flexibility of this type of insurance cover enables you to tailor your insurance needs to meet your own requirements, such as only using a car for use during the colder months and opting to walk or find other means of transport during the warmer months, which is the ideal solution for those trying hard to reduce their carbon footprint!

* Many insurance companies will offer both third party only or comprehensive levels of cover, however, third party only may not be offered as an option and will be dependent on the qualifying criteria of each insurer.

* Temporary or short term cover is available for anyone who holds a UK driving licence which is at least one year old. Restrictions are applied for driving licences obtained outside of the UK.

* Short term cover is not usually available to anyone who has more then six penalty points on their licence, neither is it available to people who have been disqualified from driving within the last five years.

* Insurance companies will also apply a market value on the car you wish to insure for a short duration. The lower limits are typically values of above one thousand five hundred pounds with a maximum indemnity amount of forty thousand pounds in regards to loss or damage to the vehicle being insured.

* Driver age restrictions will also be applied. Drivers usually have to be between the ages of 21 years and 75 years old, however this may vary between companies who offer short term car insurance.

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